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Scheduled Playlist V2.0 and its Implementation

...duration in your Playlists option. To create a scheduled playlist, make sure you have subscribed to enough Stream Names and a Push Zone to Upload your Videos to be scheduled. Once the files are uploaded, please follow the below steps to implement your playlist. Click on the Manage CDN Button. In...

How to Schedule your Live Streaming?

...left under the 5centsCDN logo. Click on the Scheduled Playlist Button. Click on the Green Plus Button which is located at the top of the extreme right corner of the screen. In the redirected page select the Push Zone in which your files has been uploaded and provide the name for your...

Scheduled Playlist Restart

...will cut off the currently playing scheduled stream and start the your newly updated Schedules. Please follow below procedure to Restart your playlist. Go to Live Stream > Scheduled Playlist and Left click on drop-down menu near to the View button corresponding to your Playlist...

What are the type of video files supported in Scheduled Playlist?

The recommended video files for Scheduled Playlist is the files with H264 and AAC codec. In case you don't have files with this format, you can generate them by doing File Transcoding. To know more about file transcoding click here.

Scheduled Playlist

Scheduled Playlist Learn how to create a linear live streaming web channel

CP Version 4.9.1 Release Notes updated on 18 December 2017

Features: Bandwidth Overdraft Protection Transcoded Streams Real-Time Statistics Existing Stream feature in Scheduled Playlist Roadmap Link dashboard Fixes: Info error on Push/Restream Publish selected server Save button not shown while removing channels SBT error while uploading watermark image

CP Version 4.9 Release Notes updated on 10 December 2017

Features: Push/Restream Publish Scheduled Playlist with existing livestreams Livestream/DVR playback hostname CNAME Livestream/DVR custom SSL Stream based HTTPS enable/disable Faster account provisioning

How to create a Delayed Stream?
/delayed-stream-time-shift/how-to-create-a-delayed-stream hour and corresponding DVR content will be scheduled for playback with a delay of one hour. In order to create a Delayed Stream with DVR, follow the below instructions: Click on the Manage CDN button. In the re-directed page, click on the drop-down menu Live Streams which is located to the...

CP Version 18.1 Release Notes: January-15-2018
/release-notes/control panel release notes 2018/cp-version-18-1-release-notes

Features : Added Drag N' Drop feature to ScheduledPlaylist's Playlist manager Added the ability to restream ShoutCast URL's Switched dashboard player from GrindPlayer to FlowPlayer Fixes: Issue with MBT+ video & audio profiles count on some cases

CP Version 19.04 Release Notes: April-15-2019

...(Mandatory for Facebook) Fixes SSL update via Account updates associated...