How to enable live streaming with pull zones?

If you have a origin media server like Flussonic or Wowza, then it is possible to deliver your HLS URLs with CDN to the desired location using Pull Zone.

For enabling HLS Pull Stream please follow the below steps:-

  • Log into your CDN Dashboard.
  • In your Dashboard, click on Manage CDN button.
  • On the left side, under Zones, click on HTTP drop down menu and select PULL.
  • Click on the Green Plus Button which is located at the top of the extreme right corner to create a new Pull Zone.
  • Provide your origin URL with the port (http://YOUR_HLS_ORIGIN_SERVER:PORT) in the Content Origin Section to pull your HLS stream. If you have a firewall or other traffic throttling system on your origin server, you need to whitelist our edge server IP’s.
  • Check on Optimize for HLS streaming for enabling live stream. Unless this step is done, the stream wont be pulled from your Origin. NOTE: Once enables the provisioning will take up to 30 mins.
  • click on Save button.
  • Next, Test the CDN using hostname
  • Note: With HTTP PULL you will not be able to push using RTMP, we can only pull an HLS live stream from your HLS origin servers like Wowza or Flussonic. Also contact our support team in case if you have enabled any authorized token system for your HLS URLs on your Origin.