How can we create a new client and place order?

We can easily add a new client to the console.

  • Go to Clients > Add New Client.

  • Fill the client details in the redirected page. In this page you will have to give Client Name ,Email address, Password and Address, Payment method etc. Make sure that the checkbox is enabled to send Account information message to the client.
  • Then Click on ‘Add Client’.

After the creation of a new client you will get a client profile, there you have to place the order.

  • Click on Add New Order.
  • Here you have to select appropriate product and Submit the order.

  • Now you will get another page called ‘Manage Orders’.
  • Then click on ‘Accept Order’.

  • After that, select Product/Service.
  • In Product/Service you have to create a module by clicking on ‘Create button’.

Now your Product/Service will be activated.

To send product activation mail click on ‘Resend Product Welcome Mail’.