How to Handle support department?

The support departments are the categories for tickets. The first step in the user ticket submission process is to choose their department.Different staffs can be assigned to different departments so you can have the different areas handled by different people if required.Common departments are Sales, Support, Billing etc...

  • To setup departments, go to Setup > Support Departments and click Add New Department.
    Some of the basic details that you have to give, when the creation of ‘Support Department’, are mentioned below:-

  • Department Name : Name of the new department that has to be created.
  • Email Address : Email address of the department.
  • Assigned Admin Users : Users that are included in the department.

POP3 Importing configuration This is only required if you use POP3 import method.

You will have to fill the basic details in the POP3 mail, Hostname: POP3 Port : Email Address : Email Pass :
You will get the mail notification from the“Assigned Department” in the “administrator users”.

That is Click on Setup > Staff Management > Administrator Users. And edit the appropriate administrator.

To know more about ticketing system please visit the following link:-