How to open tickets with your clients?

To setup departments, go to Setup > Support Departments and click Add New Department.

You can open ticket with your clients from the IPaaS console.

  • Click on Support > Open New Ticket.
  • Search client from newly opened page.
  • Select Department.
  • Enter Subject.
  • Click on open ticket button. Here you will have to give the client’s mail address.

You will get all the basic details of it from the ‘Client Search’.
Received tickets (Respond to the client's ticket).

You can view all ticket from Support > All active Tickets. Also you can respond the ticket from the same page by clicking ‘Ticket’.
Add Support ticket signature.

You can add your signature in the console by,

  • Click on Home> My account and you will get a new page . There will be option for add signature, change password, etc...

Provide Only MRSS from Vivaji.

If we provide the MRSS url only for a client, you must satisfy following conditions:-

  • Step 4. ‘json’ format