How To Perform A Factory Reset On MXQ, M8S & Other Android TV Boxes

NOTE: This article is strictly for custom OME boxes manufactured by 5centsCDN.

This article is a guide on how to perform a factory reset on the MXQ, MXQ Pro, M8S, MXIII and many other similar Android TV boxes. While most people would already know how to perform a factory reset from within the settings menu of the box, this guide will show you how to perform the factory reset on the Android TV box without going to the settings. As anyone with an Android device knows, a factory reset from time to time is necessary to keep the device running smoothly. Over time they become bloated with excess files and data, and all of this makes them run slower. Performing a factory reset removes all of the build-ups and restores it to original factory condition. This means that it should work just like new. To perform a factory reset on the MXQ box, you will need a non-conductive pin or a Toothpick and USB keyboard if the remote doesn’t work.

Follow the below steps:

  • Step 1 Unplug the box from power. It's easy if you leave the power socket connected to the outlet and remove the power from the rear of the box.

  • Step 2 With the power disconnected place the pin/toothpick inside the AV or SPDIF port on the rear of the box. If you gently press down you’ll feel a small button.

  • Step 3 With the power still off gently press down on the button until you feel it depress. It’s a noticeable depression when you press it. It feels a bit like a click when pressing down.

  • Step 4 While holding the button down connect the power up again. Continue to hold the button down.

  • Step 5 Keep holding the button until after the logo appears. The logo will go off the screen. When this happens release the button.

  • Step 6 Sometimes the box will go immediately into the startup mode. Go to final step if this is the case. If it doesn’t you’ll be taken to another screen that will ask you how you want to boot the device.

  • Step 7 You should see a menu. Using a USB keyboard press down until you highlight wipe data/factory reset. Press tab on your keyboard.

  • Step 8 Select delete all user data and press tab.

  • Step 9 Wait for the process to complete and then select reboot device and press tab.

  • Step 10 Give the box several minutes to restart and install you IPasS app and provide your login credentials and you are ready to go.

NB: As if now 5centsCDN is only delivering Tanix STBs and we have discontinued support for the rest of boxes mentioned above.