What is UHD Live Transcoding?

In MBT+ video is associated with a conversion profile, also known as a Transcoding Profile. A transcode is made from taking an encoded piece of video and then converting it into one or more newly and more compressed streams that can then be played in a player on a computer or mobile device depending on the settings and methods used. Depending on the source stream quality we have allocated 3 dedicated Transcoding profiles which are SD, HD, UHD. The UHD Live Transcoding is used to transcode the source streams which are having a bit rate from 6Mbps to 12Mbps.

The Transcoding Type is chosen based on the following criteria:

Source stream <~3 Mbps go for SD type.

Source stream >~3 to <6 Mbps go for HD type.

Source stream >~6 to ~12 Mbps go for UHD type.